925 Sterling Silver Sefer Torah Rimonim 13" high Set of 2 Hand Made in Israel

925 Sterling Silver Sefer Torah Rimonim 13
Code: Rimonim-2
Price: $2,000.00
Shipping Weight: 4.50 pounds
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Rimonim, also known as Torah Finials are individual single crowns placed upon the Atzei Chaim Torah rollers of the Sefer Torah. They serve the same purpose as the Torah crown to beautify and glorify the Torah scroll but in a more cost effective way. We have large selection of Rimonim Torah finials to suit every taste, budget and tradition. All our Torah ornaments are made of sterling silver by world renowned silver smiths craftsman who have been creating unique Judaica masterpieces for decades. Most of our Rimonim Torah finial are made in Israel
Dimensions 13 x 3 1/4 inches