Passover "Go Fish" Card Game - Set of 53 Cards - Fun and Educational!

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4 cards each of:
Haggadah, Slaves, Seder,
Matzah, Four Questions, Bitter Herb,
Haroset, Shank Bone,
Karpas, Egg, Elijah, Free People
'Afikoman' and 'Plagues' Cards
English & Hebrew with Transliteration
Pronunciation Key Rules
Passover Story & Symbols
Matzah Design on Reverse Side
Ages Four & Up
With a Passover twist, 'Afikoman' card equals one set and player with the 'Plagues' card loses one set!
You can also play Old Maid, Rummy, and Concentration with this deck of cards
A fun way to become familiar with the story and symbols of Passover!