3D "Mazel Tov" Mezuzah Painted Ceramics By Branah Layah (50% Off Price)

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Price: $65.00
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"The Process of Making Fine Judaic Sculpture Mezuzah detail is a keynote of all of Branah Layah's Judaica
Each Branah Layah creation is personally sculpted by the artist, who then lovingly adds the small, but special features that bring it to life.
Every piece is hand painted, glazed and fired for over twenty hours.Branah Layah often finishes with a touch of silver or 22 carat gold to complement rich use of colors.
Hours of caring labor go into each piece the end result is a signed, unique and treasured work of art
Will hold a scroll apx. 3.5 inches long
Comes in a gift box
$35.00 kosher parchment included.
Upgrading for higher quality parchment possible"