Nature's Canopy Ketubah - Different Texts - 26.25" x 19.75" By Mickie Caspi

Nature's Canopy Ketubah - Different Texts - 26.25
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Two intertwining trees representing love and commitment form a natural canopy of leaves and flowers.
Delicate birds sing verses from the biblical Song of Songs, including "I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine" and "I have found the one in whom my soul delights."
Shimmering and radiant, the gold foil illuminates the ketubah
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Texts available :
A. - Traditional Aramaic (Orthodox)
B. - Traditional Aramaic with Contemporary English (Orthodox)
C. - Lieberman Clause with Contemporary English (Conservative)
D. - Egalitarian Hebrew and English (Reform)
E. - Modern English with Hebrew Heading (Interfaith)
F. - Anniversary with Hebrew heading
G. - Alternative Egalitarian (Gender Neutral) This text only includes bride's & groom's names in English, not the parents' names
H. - Blank for hand calligraphed original texts
I. - Humanist English only
Please note that the ketubot are limited editions and we do sell out of some of the texts occasionally.