And Where was God During the Holocaust? By Rabbi M. M. Gitik (Russian Edition)

And Where was God During the Holocaust? By Rabbi M. M. Gitik (Russian Edition)
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The book by M.-M. Gitik, published in Jerusalem by 'Dvarim' publishing house in 2004, is a separate original research which attempts to consider reasons and tragic course of Holocaust as far as Jewish spiritual tradition is concerned
The Russian - language Holocaust historiography, which has been forming over the last 15 years, has not dealt with the issue of spiritual aspects of the Tragedy of European Jews in the middle of XX century.
That is why M.-M. Gitik's research is of particular interest.
If we want to derive lessons from Holocaust, we must try to understand what and why happened to the Jewish people on the European continent in the epoch of totalitarianism.
In such context the book is very important for a Russian-speaking reader, a Russian-speaking Jew.
A great advantage of the book is that the author considers not only the fate of Polish, but as well of Soviet Jewry.
The book is a finite historical-cultural research work with a clear concept and structure. It is supplied by detailed bibliography in different languages.
Menachem-Michael Gitik, author of Jewish philosophy books
This book is also available in English