Exodus Glass Seder Plate / Hand Painted Set of 7 Pieces

Exodus Glass Seder Plate / Hand Painted Set of 7 Pieces
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Seder Plate is hand painted by Israeli Artist Yair Emanuel
Size: 14 1/2 inches in diameter
This elegant seder plate is a wonderful way to bring more color to your Pesach table. The plate itself is round glass with a beautiful painted colorful scene of the Exodus from Egypt, from slavery to freedom and the parting of the sea, with dazzlingly bright vibrant colors. The word “Pesach” is written in Hebrew in the center of the plate. Included with the plate come six hand-painted glass bowls that hold each of the six ingredients for the seder plate. Each small bowl has a matching motif to the seder plate and is painted with the name of the ingredient that goes in each respective bowl. The paint makes a glamorous stained glass effect and really helps bring your seder to life.
This will be a treasured centerpiece in anyone's Passover home as well as a wonderful gift for weddings and new home.
Size: 14.5" X 14.5"