Dance with NEGINAH 5 Jewish Music CD

Dance with NEGINAH 5 Jewish Music CD
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This is the latest in the now famous Dance with Neginah series and features many of today's most popular songs
Dance with Neginah 5 - The all-star album of the year, featuring a variety of today's top selling Jewish music artists, with a dynamic and cheerful sound
A smart collection of the greatest hits and music style
1 Yesh Sochor (Yehuda!)
2 Chazak (Yacov Young)
3 Ein Kelokeynu (Yisroel Williger)
4 L'vinyamin (Shloime Dachs)
5 Kol Dodi (Dedi)
6 Adon Olam (Meir Sherman)
7 Wedding Medley (Neginah Singers)
8 Zoche (Yaakov Shwekey)
9 Ato Sokum (Yosi Rosenberg)
10 Dido Beh (Yossie Rose)
11 Ciribim (Shlomo Haviv)
12 Keish Echod (Shloime Dachs)
13 Pot of Gold (Instrumental)
14 Hora Medley (Neginah Singers)