Chanukah Project - Stone Menorah Kit - "Square Stone" - Set of 10

Chanukah Project - Stone Menorah Kit -
Code: BEN-PAD154
Price: $29.95
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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10 Pcs "Square Stone" Stone Menorahs with MDF (wooden) Base. 10 Square Stone, stone-like material, candle cups.
Shamash elevated by putting one candle cup on top of te other.
Easily painted with acrilyc paint or markers.
MDF base 2'x11/4". 10 Menorahs in a pack. (Decoration Materials not included).
Please Note:
Stone Candle Cups are not flamable, MDF (wooden) Base is flamable.
This item is an arts & craft decoration project. Lighting Menorah is on your own responsibility.