Eshet (Aishes) Chayil Blessing "Woman of Valor" By Yonah Weinrib 2 sizes available

Eshet (Aishes) Chayil Blessing
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This stunning work of art is the true essence of the Jewish woman
Framed and signed makes this a valuable piece to any home
The Artist Rabbi Yonah Weinrib specializes in manuscript illumination, and has exhibited and lectured internationally.
His historic work Pirkei Avos/Ethics of the fathers is acclaimed to be the most elaborately illuminated printed edition of the text in the last 500 years
He has been commissioned to create works for prominent organizations and heads of state,
and his art is found in prestigious private collections, museums and galleries worldwide
The artist's signature is included in each image
Choose 2 languages: Hebrew or English
16" x 13" $80.00
19" x 23" $175.00