From Bondage to Freedom. By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

From Bondage to Freedom. By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski
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The story of the Passover Haggadah is so familiar that nearly everyone who takes part in the Seder can recite it without a hitch. But, like all the Torah, the nuances of the Seder speak to different people in different ways
Passover is the story of freedom from the lash and chain and the exalted rise of a nation to the pinnacle of human achievement: the knowledge that the Divine Hand controls nature and the experience of Revelation at Sinai. However, not all pain is inflicted by the lash of a taskmaster and not all chains are clamped on by jailers
The Haggadah also addresses those who suffer from the slavery of an oppressive environment or, even more difficult, the sort of obsessive behavior that plagues many or most lives
The ultimate freedom is the ability to live constructively and happily; that is why the Sages of the Talmud teach that the truly free person is one who immerses himself in the Torah
In this volume, one of our generation’s most eminent interpreters of the Torah’s teachings regarding self-control and self-improvement uncovers the path to personal liberation in the timeless story of the Exodus.
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., has an uncanny ability to know what troubles people and how to provide the balm for their hurt by combining the eternal wisdom of the Torah with the science of the mind.
In this Haggadah, he takes each of us from the bondage of our personal “Egypts” to the promised land of self-fulfillment and joy in achieving our personal best.