Torah Tavlin by Rabbi Dovid Hoffman

Torah Tavlin by Rabbi Dovid Hoffman
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Stories and Sayings, Wit and Wisdom From Our Torah Leaders Author:Rabbi Dovid Hoffman Hard Cover, 528 Pages Dimensions: 7.25" X 10.25" A mashal. A story. Halachah. Drush. Divrei Torah. Quotes and sayings galore. There is something in Torah Tavlin for everyone. Based on the Parshah, and divided by the days of the week, Torah Tavlin is a compendium of Stories & Sayings, Wit & Wisdom of our greatest Gedolim throughout the generations. Read Torah Tavlin each day, for a quick daily lift, or at your leisure on Shabbos and Yamim Tovim. Add some “spice” to your day – enjoy Torah Tavlin.