Notes of a Marginal Person "Zapiski Marginala" by Mikhail Goncharok In Russian

Notes of a Marginal Person
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Collection of short stories by an Israeli writer M. Goncharok (in Russian)
'Mikhail Goncharok,…is a man I knew as a researcher of Jewish history, whom I knew personally, and yet, from whom I never heard that he wrote book, which became a discovery to me. It turned out that in the same city with me lives the most interesting, masterful writer, who manages, in a short story just four-five pages long, to create such lively, corporeal characters that, if I knew how to draw, I would be able to sketch their portraits. I read an abridged, electronic version of the book quickly and all at once, and am awaiting with impatience the publication of his first book, which I will exhibit on a visible spot in my library, in order to re-read it from time to time' - Boris Kamyanov, member of PEN-club, Chairman of 'Capital,' the cooperation of the Israeli Russian-language writers
Softcover, 224pp